Efice complies with all national and international quality standards, which are established in the different policies that govern its daily activity.
• Quality Certification under ISO 9001 Standard 2015 version
A quality management program, with an impact within the organization itself, as well as an increasingly frequent requirement of our customers, both in the domestic and export markets.
• Certificate ISO 14001 the LSQA,
endorses our Environmental Management and controls the environmental impacts of all our activities, products and services.
• Certificate ISO 45001 the LSQA,
endorses our Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
• Environmental Responsible Care Program
An initiative of the Association of Chemical Industries of Uruguay (ASIQUR), through a prestigious international program of continuous improvement, which involves the implementation of seven Codes of Practice related to safety, health and the environment.
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Ver: Programa de Cuidado Responsable del Medio Ambiente.

Environmental Responsible Care Program

  • Responsible CareTM), which was quickly adopted by the United States, Europe, Australia and Japan, which were subsequently and gradually joined by other countries today constituting a true global and voluntary initiative of the global chemical industry for an environmentally friendly production.
  • The companies that adhere to this Program are obliged to make permanent efforts to improve their production processes and the management, distribution, use and final disposal of their products, in order to obtain the best health and safety conditions for people and more adequate protection of the environment and community assets. All this is reflected in the Politicsthat each company defines. 
  • The Association of Chemical Industries of Uruguay (ASIQUR), It is the entity responsible for coordinating the implementation of this program in our country, promoting, evaluating and supervising its implementation. Membership in the Program is a requirement to enter the Association.
  • The Responsible Care Program promotes a continuous improvement of Safety, Health and Environment, for which it is essential to know the progress achieved by each adhered Company.
  • The progress of the program in each of the Companies is periodically audited by an independent body (LSQA). 
  • The permanent commitment of a company to the principles of Responsible Care allows to reach and even exceed the legal requirements of many countries, in terms of safety, health and the environment.
  • Membership in the program is today, in many cases, an exclusive condition for membership in national and international associations. In our branch of activity, The Chlorine Institute (USA) y Clorosur (Latin American Association of Chlorine Producers - Soda), institutions to which EFICE belongs, require it as an entry condition.
  • Responsible Care ethics is our best tool to ensure the achievement of concrete, lasting results and results in the implementation of the Codes of Practice of the Program and Adhesion to Guiding Principles of the same.
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Additionally, Efice has worked for the integration of its Quality Management System with the Environmental and Health and Safety Management Systems originally developed under the Responsible Care Program, developing an Integrated Management System. This allowed certification according to the family of ISO 14000 standards (ISO 14001 version 2015) and ISO 45001.

• Halal Certificate for Calcium chloride y Hydrochloric acid
granted by UIC (Uruguay Islamic Center).
• Certification Kosher.