Responsible CareTM

  • Since 08/20/1988, EFICE S.A. has been a part of this responsible care of the environment program, an initiative that started in Canada in 1985 (under the name Responsible CareTM), , which was quickly implemented by the United States, Europe, Australia and Japan, with other countries following over time. Today, it is a truly global and voluntary initiative of the global chemical industry towards an environmentally-friendly production.
  • The companies that are a part of the program commit to make continuous efforts to perfect their production processes and the handling, distribution, use, and final disposal of its products in order to achieve the best health and safety conditions for people, and the most adequate protection of the environment and the community’s assets. This is all reflected on the policy each company defines.
  • The Uruguayan Chemical Industries Association (ASIQUR),is the organization in charge of coordinating the application of this program in our country, promoting, assessing and supervising its implementation. Joining the program is a requirement to become a member of ASIQUR.
  • The Responsible Care program promotes a continuous safety, health and environmental improvement, for which it is essential to know the progress made by each member company.
  • The progress of the program in each of the companies is regularly audited by an independent organization (LSQA). 
  • The constant commitment of a company towards the Responsible Care principles helps meet, and even exceed, the legal requirements of many countries regarding safety, health and the environment.
  • Being part of the program is currently often a compulsory condition to become a member of many national and international associations. In our business area, The Chlorine Institute (USA) y Clorosur (South American Association of Chlorine-Caustic Soda Producers), both institutions EFICE is a member of, have it on their list of requirements to become a member.
  • The Responsible Care ethics is our greatest tool to guarantee the achievement of concrete, long-lasting results, and it is reflected in the implementation of the Codes of Practice of the program and the adherence to its .
    guiding principles.
  • See digital certification  

Moreover, EFICE has worked towards the integration of its Quality Management System with the Environmental and Health and Safety Management Systems originally drafted within the Responsible Care program, developing a Comprehensive Management System. This will allow for the certification in accordance to the family of standards of ISO 14000 and OSHAS 18000 (or its upcoming ISO equivalent).