EFICE is an industry of industries.

Uruguayan industry

EFICE is a national and regional reference for the chemical industry. It is a stable and safe source of employment for over 150 families, with numerous developments and know-how of its own, as well as growth and a source of foreign income.

It is a strategic industry for Uruguay as it manufactures products that are key to improve our people’s quality of life, as well as to ensure the production capacity of important industries that require our products as key raw material for their processes.

Industrial plant and central management

EFICE’s industrial plant EFICE, located in the department of San José, is a source of income for 150 families in the area, providing jobs for laborers, employees and technicians graduated from our University.

It covers over 25 acres, which means we can expand production.

Central management is located in Montevideo, in the first floor of 18 de Julio 907, in the commercial center of the city, near the main government and commercial institutions. Around 20 people are employed there, who round off the current staff of the company.

In accordance with the company’s philosophy, the human factor and technological advances are its most important assets.

Business area

EFICE S.A. is quintessentially a chemical industry, devoted to the manufacture of chlorine, caustic soda, and its derivatives. It has 100% national capital and a family company history spanning over 100 years.


In a global and competitive world such as the one we live in, it is imperative to keep up to date with all international information related to the industry regarding technological innovation, processes, equipment, regulations, safety, etc.
EFFICE S.A. has thoughtfully joined certain national and international organizations related to its business area, in order to obtain the most return through its involvement with them. Our company is a member of:

  • The World Chlorine Council (World Chlorine Council)
    The WCC is a global network of all regional associations of chlorine producers around the world. Its aim is to insure the sustainability of the sector, based on the exchange of information, research and technical regulations. The WCC is a non-governmental organization, a member of the United Nations and a leader of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), particularly for the proper handling of mercury. EFICE is involved with the WCC through intermediary member associations, particularly CLOROSUR.
  • The Chlorine Institute (USA) (The Chlorine Institute)
    This is the world’s highest authority on the chlorine-caustic soda industry regarding regulations on safe and efficient operations in this type of production plants. Its events and publications are as good as law in the matter and only members can access them. EFICE has been a member of The Chlorine Institute since 1996.
  • South American Association of Chlorine-Caustic Soda Producers (CLOROSUR)
    It is made up of the most important companies from the seven countries in the continent that have this kind of plants. Its mission is to coordinate the safe operation of the plants and the safe transportation of the products made there, through the standardization of procedures and operations. CLOROSUR was created in 1997 and EFICE S.A. is a founding member, having attended all its events.
  • Uruguayan Chemical Industries Association (ASIQUR)
    ASIQUR promotes the development of the Uruguayan chemical industry, in pursuit of expanding production and increasing competitiveness, encouraging environmental protection and the well-being of Uruguayan society. It represents and defends the interest of all its members before public and private, national and international organizations, facilitating processes of growth and international insertion for the sector.

Management team

Nestor Gómez Alcorta
President, General Manager
Alicia Susana Alcorta de Gómez
Vice president
Guillermo Pons Zolessi
Commercial manager

• Chemical Engineer, MBA

Roberto Pereiro Misa
Administration and Finance Manager
Gabriel Steiner Samacoitz
Plant manager

• Chemical engineer.



Alfredo Infanzon Priore

• Engineer, MIB

Paola Latorraca Revetria
Human Capital Manager

•Degree in psychology

• Postgraduate specialization

in Human Resources


Diego Pereyra Cosco
Chemical Manager Gamma

• Chemical engineer

Ana María Guillamon Sanz
Financial economic adviser

• Counter

María Amalia de Idoyaga Brum
Secretary Directory

• Bilingual secretary